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Material Science and Engineering Series

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Tips and Techniques to Simplify MOSFET/MOSCAP Device Characterization



Today's semiconductor devices typically require an array of both current-voltage (I-V) and capacitance-voltage (C-V) tests to perform full parametric characterization of the device. Though it's very common to perform these I-V and C-V tests on the same device, the two test types require different test equipment and cabling, presenting a difficult and time-consuming process that typically requires recabling the entire system. This webinar presents a new technique that makes characterization and parameter extraction easier and quicker. We'll discuss parameter extraction and which tests will give you the most information about your device.
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Keithley Materials Testing Solutions


Make the most effective use of your time at universities, government research labs, industrial research labs, and electronics component companies by pursuing opportunities with scientists and engineers who are developing new materials. Learn why materials tests are needed, whom to see, and how to present our multi-instrument solutions for: Insulator surface and volume resistivity, Resistance measurements on conductors, superconductors, highly conducting nanomaterials
Characterizing photovoltaic materials with SMUs
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