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VISACMD - Command line Utility for instrument communication

VISACMD.EXE is a command-line utility that will read/write instrument commands to/from stdout (the console) and then exit. This allows command-line scripting (batch files) handle things like event processing, looping, waits, and file IO. It offers very similar functionality to the OpenChoice Talker-Listener application included with the TekVISA software package but it has the following key differences:<br><br>- Visacmd can write to a file, talker-listener cannot<br>- Visacmd can loop a specified count (via console scripting), talker-listener cannot<br>- Visacmd can wait a specified duration (via console scripting), talker-listener cannot<br>- Visacmd can read/write raw binary data, talker-listener cannot<br>- Visacmd has no GUI, talker-listener does<br>- Visacmd does not install, talker-listener does<br>- Visacmd has a configurable buffer, talker-listener does not<br>- Visacmd has a configurable timeout, talker-listener timeout is fixed at 10 seconds (bug?)<br>- Visacmd is ~28,672 bytes, talker-listener is ~2,299,248 bytes

This software applies to: AFG3011, AWG2005

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