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DSA8300 Oscilloscope Firmware for Windows 7 - V6.5.1.1

This release is for DSA8300 series instruments with Windows 7 Operating System. This software will install v6.5.1.1 Oscilloscope Firmware, Differential Channel Alignment application v1.4.3, TekVisa v4.0.0.84, and Clock Recovery application v10.11. This distribution also includes installer files for LabView and LabWindows CVI VXI PnP Driver v1.0.0.4, and a Waveform Database Export utility.<br><br>Notable enhancements include the addition of an Extinction Ratio adjustment parameter to Extinction Ratio measurements, support for new 26.6/53.1/57.8 GBd filters (available in certain optical sampling modules), and support for new 80C17 and 80C18 optical sampling modules (for which this release is mandatory to operate). Also included in this release are a variety of defect corrections.<br><br>Please see the Release Notes for a detailed description.

This software applies to: DSA8300 1

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