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Why does the module output show DISABLED on a module that is in the TG2000?

Question :

Why does the module output show DISABLED on a module that is in the TG2000?

Answer :

The DISABLED label on the module indicates that there are no signals loaded to the module. There are three possible reasons for this message;

1. If a new module was added to the TG2000: Signal memory is on the module itself, however the memory backup battery is on the main frame. Signals must be loaded to the module.

2. The backup battery has lost a charge due to not being turned on for quite a while, or the battery has failed/is failing. There is a troubleshooting tree for the battery circuitry in the TG2000 service manual. A link to this manual can be found to the left of this answer.

3. The module was moved from one slot to another, or was removed during service or calibration.

For any of the above, it can be restored to operational condition by locating your test signals disk(s) for the module. Use the DISK function to add test signals to the module. The procedure for adding signals is found in the TG2000 user manual on or about page 2-21. If you need a copy of this manual, it can be downloaded from the link at left.

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