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Why do I lose my settings when I power down my SPG300/600?

Question :

Why do I lose my settings when I power down my SPG300/600?

Answer :

When the SPG300/600 powers on it will always set itself according to the power on default preset and will not remember any changes that had been made previously. If you wish to change the power on preset this is a fairly easy procedure.

First, configure the instrument however you would like it to be configured at first power up or after a power failure. This means setting the IP address, gateway address and any other parameters you would like it to save.

Once you have the unit configured to your liking, press the "System" button. The LCD display should now say "PRESET", if it does not, use the up/down arrows to scroll through the system menu until it says "PRESET". Once the preset menu has been selected, press enter to go into that menu.

From within the preset menu, press the down arrow once. The LCD should now look like this:


Power On Default

Press the enter key to save the current settings into the power on default. The words "Power On Default" will blink twice to let you know the settings have been saved.

Once this is done, all the settings you configured in the first step should be restored every time the SPG powers on.

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