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Which oscilloscope is recommended for SATA testing?

Question :

Which oscilloscope is recommended for SATA testing?

Answer :

For compliance testing of SATA GEN 1/2, SATA IO WG recommends a 10 GHz high bandwidth oscilloscope. This high bandwidth will ensure that the 5th harmonic of the fundamental frequency of the data is captured, which is required for the very good signal integrity.

The record length of the oscilloscope determines how accurately an oscilloscope can analyze the SSC signals in SATA. SSC modulation frequency is 30 KHz to 33 KHz. For SATA II, the minimum unit interval is 333.21 ps. To faithfully capture the data, the oscilloscope should acquire enough samples in the UI. In this case, 40GS/s is recommended. For accurate SSC profile analysis there should be more than 4 to 5 SSC profile needs to be analyzed. This demands a record length of 4 to 5MB per channel.

Tektronix DPO/DSA71204 would provide enough bandwidth for compliance testing with less measurement error and more reliable testing.

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