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What is USB?

Question :

What is USB?

Answer :

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a connectivity specification developed by the USB Promoter Group. USB is aimed at peripherals connecting outside the computer in order to eliminate the hassle of opening the computer case for installing cards needed for certain devices. USB provides for ease of use, expandability, and speed for the end user. Whole ranges of USB peripheral devices are available including joysticks, scanners, digital speakers, digital cameras, printers, and PC telephones to name a few. PC peripheral vendors now have an ease way for consumers to add new capabilities instantly without having to open the PC, set dip switches, worry about IRQ settings, or install add-in cards. USB Hot Swapping permits the PC owner to add new devices without having to shut down and restart the PC. The USB-compliant PC recognizes the newUSB device and configures the software.

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