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What is the standard warranty on the MDO4000C?

Question :

What is the standard warranty on the MDO4000C?

Answer :

The MDO4000C comes standard with a 3 year product warranty on the instrument and a 1 year warranty on the probes. 

Note: The MDO4000C is the first product to offer a new service option called the Total Protection Plan with options for 3 or 5 years. These are option T3 or option T5 and can be purchased at the time the instrument is ordered or a grace period of 30-days after purchase. 


The MDO4000C Total Product Protection plan includes:

      +Accidental damage protection

      +Defense against wear and tear

      +A safeguard against electrostatic discharge or electrical overstress events

      +Factory-certified calibration and cleaning to ensure your MDO4000C is as good as new

      +3- and 5-year plan options



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Product Series: Máy hiện sóng miền hỗn hợp MDO4000C


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