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What is the recommended equipment for HDMI source testing per CTS v1.3a?

Question :

What is the recommended equipment for HDMI source testing per CTS v1.3a?

Answer :

Recommended Test Equipment for HDMI Compliance Testing per CTS (Compliance Test Specification) V1.3a

HDMI Source Test

Recommended EquipmentQuantity
OscilloscopeDSA70804 or DPO70804 with Opt 2XL1
Other supported oscilloscopes 1,2DSA71254, DSA71604, DSA72004, DPO71254 with opt 2XL, DPO71604 with Opt 2XL, DPO72004 with Opt 2XL, TDS6804B, TDS6124C and TDS6154C 1
SoftwareTDSHT3 - HDMI compliance software (support for CTS V1.3a requires software Version 3.3.0 or higher) 1
ProbesP7313SMA differential SMA probe - use for all differential and single-ended measurements.Minimum 2
Test FixturesTPA-P TPA-R and EDID fixtures from Efficere Technologies. Order a set as ET-HDMI-TPA-S1 set
Power supply3.3V power supply 1
ConnectorBias-Tees to terminate the unused fixture ports with 50 Ohms after pulling the DC of the Bias-Tees to 3.3V. Order individually as ZX85-12G-S+ from Mini-Circuits 8 pcs

1 Oscilloscopes with bandwidth less than 8 GHz will only support HDMI testing at limited resolution and clock/data rates.

2 16M per channel or greater record length is required for HDMI Compliance test.

Note the eye diagram is not required for compliance but is recommended for fault location and as informational.

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