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What improvements were made with FW version 3.0 for the CT100?

Question :

What improvements were made with FW version 3.0 for the CT100?

Answer :

This firmware allows the user to test both B-channels simultaneously for Internet Access testing, Personal Video Conferencing, and Telecommuting applications. "Easy Configure" takes inexperienced users through a step-by-step procedure for setting up the instrument and "Easy View" provides a way to quickly verify CrafTek status and settings. Further capabilities include Automatic B-channel Loop back, enhancements to D-channel Packet, and 40 kHz tone generation. Also, all CrafTeks came standard with POTS and Speakerphone Output.

The highlights of Version 3.0 are:

  • Dual B-channel Call Control
  • "Easy Configure" allows one menu setup of the instrument
  • "Easy View" provides a "snapshot" of the instrument state
  • Dual-Call BERT to verify both
  • B-channels simultaneously
  • D-channel Packet will support CUG, RPOA, and Reverse Charges
  • POTS with CLASS Service
  • Speakerphone Output
  • 40 kHz Test Tone Generation

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