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What hardware upgrades are available for the TLA5000 series?

Question :

What hardware upgrades are available for the TLA5000 series?

Answer :

There are Powerflex upgrade kits to upgrade the acquisition channel memory. Please note "x" = 1 to 4 depending on model.  You would also need to have the TLA application software V5.1 SP1 or above installed on the TLA5000 series to support the 32M option.

TLA5F20x Opt 50 512K@235MHz to 2M@235MHz
TLA5F20x Opt 51 512K@235MHz to 8M@235MHz
TLA5F20x Opt 52 512K@235MHz to 32M@235MHz
TLA5F20x Opt 57 2M@235MHz to 8M@235MHz
TLA5F20x Opt 58 2M@235MHz to 32M@235MHz
TLA5F20x Opt 62 8M@235MHz to 32M@235MHz

Note: (1) Installed by customers.
(2) The nomenclature and Tek S/N of the module(s) being upgraded must be provided.
(3) Customer must order at least one option.
(4) Options are all mutually exclusive.

To get help evaluating a system please contact our Technical Support Center at 503-627-2400 (Intl), 800-833-9200 opt 3 (US/CA) or email to [email protected]

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