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What does the data inside parenthesis in the WFM or WVR series error log mean?

Question :

What does the data inside parenthesis in the WFM or WVR series error log mean?

Answer :

Any data inside parentheses in the error log or status display screens is a short-hand notation designed to give you more detail about the nature of the error. In general, uppercase letters represent values exceeding their maximum allowed range and lowercase letters represent values falling below their minimum allowed range. Here are a few examples of these codes and how to interpret them for various error conditions:

RGB Gamut Error: (RrGgBb)

R = red > maximum allowed value

r = red < minimum allowed value

G = green > maximum allowed value

g = green < minimum allowed value

B = blue > maximum allowed value

b = blue < minimum allowed value

- = no error

Example: (R--gB-) = red > maximum AND green < minimum AND blue > maximum

Composite Gamut Error: (CcYy)

C = chrominance > maximum allowed value

c = chrominance < minimum allowed value

Y = luminance > maximum allowed value

y = luminance < minimum allowed value

- = no error

Example: (C--y) = chrominance > maximum AND luminance < minimum

Audio Presence: (12345678)

This tells us which channels of audio have data present

Example: (12--56--) = audio data present on channels 1, 2, 5 and 6 but not on any others

Stuck Bits: (0000000000)

0 = bit is stuck at zero

1 = bit is stuck at one

- = bit is not stuck

Example: (--------11) = the least two significant bits in the SDI stream are stuck at one (this or (--------00) are extremely common errors to see on 8-bit composite-to-SDI converters).

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