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What are the Set Up parameters in the DMM Config Task in Excelinx-1A?

Question :

What are the Set Up parameters in the DMM Config Task in Excelinx-1A?

Answer :

What are the Set Up parameters in the DMM Config Task in Excelinx-1A?


The set up parameters are global parameters. This means they are not specific to a channel.

1. Line Sync - Synchronizing A/D conversions with the frequency of the power line increases common mode and normal mode noise rejection. When line cycle synchronization is enabled, the measurement is initiated at the first positive going zero crossing of the power line cycle after the trigger.

2. Auto Zero - To help maintain stability and accuracy over time and changes in temperature, internal voltages corresponding to offsets (zero) and amplifier gains are measured periodically. This process is known as Auto Zeroing. When auto zero is disabled, the offset and gain measurements are not performed. This increases measurement speed. However, the zero and gain reference points will eventually drift. When auto zero is enabled the zero and gain reference point are updated. This provides a fresh and accurate measurement.

3. Display Digits - This is the number of digits displayed on the spreadsheet. The selections are none, 3 ½, 4 ½, 5 ½ and 6 ½.

4. DCV Input Divider - Normally, the input resistance for the 100mVDC, 1VDC and 10VDC ranges is >10G Ohms, while the input resistance of the 100VDC and 1000VDC ranges is 10M Ohms. However, the input resistance for the three lower DCV ranges can also be set to 10M Ohms by enabling the input divider. With the input resistance lowered, a more stable 0V reading is achieved with an open input. Also, some external devices (such as high voltage probes) must be terminated into a 10M Ohms load.

5. Open TC Detection - This selects an open thermocouple detection circuit. When enabled, a 10uA pulse of current is applied to the thermocouple before the start of each temperature measurement. If more than 12k ohms is detected, the OVRFLW message is displayed.

6. Temp Scale - This selects the type of units for temperature measurement. The selections are C, F and K.

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