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Can I load my DSA8200 set up files into a DSA8300?

Question :

Can I load my DSA8200 set up files into a DSA8300?

Answer :

Yes, there is setup file conversion utility for the 8000 series sampling scopes. Below is an extract from the Readme file for the current 8300 scope firmware download:

The 6.2 and later product software media contains an independent
utility application named the DSA8300 Setup File Translator to help
convert 5.x or later DSA8200 setup files to DSA8300 setup files. On
instruments shipped with TekScope 6.2 and later, this application is
pre-installed and available from the Start menu or shortcut on the
desktop. Upgrading existing DSA8300 instruments requires manual
installation. To do so, run the setup.exe from the TekScope media
SetupFileTranslator folder. This application does not show up in the TekScope
Applications menu
Note that this utility will only work for scopes running version 5.x or later.

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