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Do I need to calibrate the TTR500A series before use?

Question :

Do I need to calibrate the TTR500A series before use?

Answer :

Yes, calibration needs to be done on the TTR500A series before use. Before making measurements with a VNA, you calibrate the VNA to reduce errors that can affect measurements. When you calibrate a VNA, you perform a mathematical correction to the measurement results. This mathematical calibration is different from the instrument calibration of microwave devices. Mathematical calibration or error correction is the computation of the correction you need to apply to all four S-parameters of the test network at any frequency of interest. You compute this correction as an array of coefficients by using the VNA to measure known electrical standards at a fixed measurement plane. A calibration kit is a collection of known calibration standards. The S-parameters of these standards are documented parameters that are available at the time you perform calibration. A tutorial on how to perform calibration of the TTR500A series is shown in the link below.

Calibration of TTR500A Series 




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