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Replacing Fuses/Changing Line Voltage DMM6500 DAQ6510

Question :

Replacing Fuses/Changing Line Voltage DMM6500 DAQ6510

Answer :

  • Line Voltage
    • Remove the fuse housing above the line power plug.
    • Remove the fuse from the housing and replace with the appropriate, functioning fuse.
    • Change the power line voltage setting by removing the inner housing for the fuse and rotating the block to display the appropriate setting through the window of the main fuse housing front panel.
    • Insert back into the housing and insert the replacement fuse into the complete housing.
    • Insert the housing back into the slot on the instrument until an audible click and the housing is secured.
  • High Power Fuse
    • Remove the Communication Accessory Card or slot cover.
    • Pull up on the tab of the fuse cover to access the high power (10A and 1000V) fuse for replacement.
    • Return the fuse cover and accessory card/slot cover.
  • Current Fuse
    • A current fuse can be found in both the front and rear panels of the instrument.
    • Press on the white input jack and rotate the housing counter-clockwise 90 degrees.
    • Release and remove housing from the instrument.
    • Replace the fuse and return the housing to the instrument, rotating 90 degrees clockwise.

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