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How do I use the dual monitor capability?

Question :

How do I use the dual monitor capability?

Answer :

This is activated through the windows display properties menu. Once the dual monitor is activated the SVGA output on the rear of the instrument can activate a dual monitor display. The oscilloscope built-in touch screen monitor remains the primary screen of the Windows OS, and that is where the oscilloscope, the Start Menu, etc., come up. The 2nd monitor can be used for applications.

On Windows 2000 the 2nd monitor can be set to be the Primary Screen. In this case the oscilloscope screen will appear on it, rather than on the built-in touch screen. The instrument might need rebooting for clean display. While there are some advantages to having the oscilloscope screen on a bigger, higher resolution monitor, such as the possibility to move the tools etc. off the waveform image, this operation mode has not been tested on Version 2.0 of the software and it's unsupported by Tektronix.

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