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How do I upgrade the TPS2000 series oscilloscope firmware?

Question :

How do I upgrade the TPS2000 series oscilloscope firmware?

Answer :

  1. You will need a CompactFlash reader and a CompactFlash card connected to your computer.
  2. Download this version of firmware to your PC by pressing the "Download" button on the Firmware Update for the TPS2000 Series page and following the instructions.
  3. Unzip file if applicable and save the file "TPS2000.TEK" or if not zipped copy TEK2000.TEK file to Compact Flash .
  4. Once the file is saved to your CompactFlash card, insert the CompactFlash card in your TPS2000 oscilloscope and power up the oscilloscope.
  5. Determine the version number of the firmware currently loaded into your TPS2000 oscilloscope. You can determine which version you have by turning on your oscilloscope and noting the version listed at the turn-on screen.
  6. Update the firmware by pressing the "UTILITY" button on your oscilloscope. Then press the "File Utilities" bezel button, the "-more-" bezel button, the "Update Firmware" bezel button, and finally the "Update Firmware" bezel button again.
  7. Your oscilloscope will reboot and the firmware update will begin automatically. The update will take about five minutes. Do not remove the CompactFlash card or power off the oscilloscope during the update.
  8. At the end of the update process, the oscilloscope will display a message that the firmware update was successful. Press the "OK" bezel button to remove the message and return to the prior state of the oscilloscope.

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: Máy hiện sóng lưu trữ số TPS2000B


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