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How do I transfer a scope waveform to the AFG3000?

Question :

How do I transfer a scope waveform to the AFG3000?

Answer :

There are a couple of ways to transfer a waveform from the scope to AFG3000.

  1. From a PC running ArbExpress you connect directly to the scope and AFG3000 via communication port.The following scope models are supported TDS1000,TDS2000, TDS3000, TDS5000, TDS6000, TDS7000 or CSA7000 Series Oscilloscopes. In ArbExpress you select Scope Acquisition Wizard and follow through the steps. This results in the scope waveform being transferred to ArbExpress. Next you may transfer the file to the AFG3000 via the connected communication interface using the Send to Arb selection.
  2. You can also save the scope waveform in a .wfm or .csv file format. Then bring this file to the PC to be imported into ArbExpress. If you do not have communication connection to the AFG you can save the file in .tfw format on a USB stick then read this to the AFG.

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Product Series: Máy tạo chức năng/tùy ý AFG3000C


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