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How do I switch my VM700T between PAL and NTSC modes?

Question :

How do I switch my VM700T between PAL and NTSC modes?

Answer :

A VM700T can be switched between NTSC and PAL modes only if it has both option 01 (NTSC) and option 11 (PAL).

There are two different ways to switch modes.

Temporary mode (will revert back to previous setting on power up) can be done by connecting a signal to the desired input, then press the MEASURE button, scroll down to find VIDEO SOURCE, and touch this selection.

The second mode is locked into memory. To switch modes, press the "Configure" button, then touch the "Configure Files" button. Scroll down through the configure files until you see "Source Selection Video" and touch that button. Scroll down to the line which corresponds to the input channel (A, B or C) that you're using; then touch the video format value for that line, a box should appear surrounding the format value. Use the general purpose knob to change between video formats. When you're done changing the format, touch the "Accept Input" followed by the "Update & Exit" buttons to save your changes.

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