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How do I disable AUTORANGE+ and AUTOSET on the TDS1000C+ TDS2000C Oscilloscope?

Question :

How do I disable AUTORANGE+ and AUTOSET on the TDS1000C+ TDS2000C Oscilloscope?

Answer :

Firmware upgrade v22.01 gives users who would like to disable AUTORANGE, and AUTOSET two methods (remote control, manual):

1) Programmatic Interface commands are AUTOSET:ENABLE {ON, OFF, 0, 1}, and AUTOSET:ENABLE? Sending AUTOSET:ENABLE OFF will disable AUTORANGE, and AUTOSET. Please see the TDS1000C/TDS2000C Programmer Manual for details.

2) Manually disable AUTORANGE, and AUTOSET from the front panel when in "Service Mode".

Use the following steps (found in the TDS1000C/TDS2000C Service Manual) to put the scope in "Service Mode":

1. Power on the oscilloscope.
2. Push the front-panel MEASURE button to access the MEASURE menu.
3. Push the top option button to access the Measure 1 menu.
4. Push and hold the front-panel SINGLE SEQ button.
5. Push and hold the front-panel AUTOSET button.
6. Wait at least two seconds.
7. Release the SINGLE SEQ button.
8. Release the AUTOSET button. A message appears in the lower left corner of the screen stating "Service mode ON."
9. Push the front-panel UTILITY button. The last item in the Utility menu is now "Service."

Once in service mode, press UTILITY button, then select "Service" option, then select "Service Diag." option, then select "page 2 of 2", then select "AUTOSET ENABLE" to be either 0 or 1. 0 = disabled and 1 = enabled.

After the AUTOSET ENABLE change is complete disable "Service" menu by pressing UTILITY front panel button, then press "Service" option button, and then press "Service Mode Off" button.

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