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How do I clone the presets from one WVR7100/6100 to another?

Question :

How do I clone the presets from one WVR7100/6100 to another?

Answer :

Download the WVR7100 Web User Interface Application from the Tektronix web site under the MyTek Resource Center/Software and Drivers. Install the web interface into your PC. Once the web interface has been installed you can communicate to the WVR7100 from your PC. To establish a connection enter the IP address of the WVR7100 into the "Instrument IP Address" logon window. Once the web interface screen is loaded on your PC then click on "Launch Applet". When the window opens go to the "File" menu and click on "Save Presets to File" this will save the presets already loaded into your WVR7100 to a file on your PC. Next disconnect from your source WVR7100 with the presets and connect to another WVR7100 to which you want to download the same presets. Go through the proceeding steps to get connected to new WVR7100 and click on "Load Presets From File" this will take the presets from your source WVR7100 or WVR6100 and clone them to the new WVR7100 or WVR6100.

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