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How can I use VTX 16-bit with Visual Basic (VB) 32 bit?

Question :

How can I use VTX 16-bit with Visual Basic (VB) 32 bit?

Answer :

VTX takes advantage of the use of 16-bit custom controls with extensions called .VBX . It also has the ability to pipe information from 1 object to another using 'wires' that pass the information from 1 object (i.e. a DAS OBJECT) to another(i.e. a graph object).

A true 32-bit environment no longer uses the 16-bit VBXs, instead it uses 32-bit ActiveX custom controls with extension called .OCX. The necessity of using wires to pipe information is made moot with the introduction of OCXs as well, so that the development environment for a 32-bit Visual Basic is drastically different than with 16-bit Visual Basic.

Keithley does support our boards with OCX's and offers 32-bit support examples as part of a product named DriverLINX. You may contact our technical sales group for specific info on our DriverLINX software.

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