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How can I determine fidelity statistics (minimum+ maximum+ average etc...) using the MTS4EA?

Question :

How can I determine fidelity statistics (minimum+ maximum+ average etc...) using the MTS4EA?

Answer :

The best way to determine statistical information about the MTS4EA fidelity analysis results is to use the programs trace capabilities. For much more in depth detail about any analysis you can enable a trace. To do this, simply select "Trace Enable" from the "Analysis" menu and configure which traces you want to see. Be careful though, if you enable multiple traces it will both slow down the analysis and can generate huge trace files (hundreds of megabytes in some cases). To extract the data that you're looking for, enable a VOP fidelity trace (see figure below).

Figure 1

You will also need to enable the fidelity analysis from the analysis menu. Once the trace is set up, run through the file just as you would when doing a normal fidelity analysis. Once the file has played completely, you will find something very similar to the following in the trace file:


   1, 35.4171992809, 44.7839692129, 45.1635563146

   2, 34.7389596230, 43.7354831221, 45.5461330001

   3, 34.4516600402, 41.9507190584, 44.2627636224


This shows the exact fidelity score for each color channel and each frame of video. You can then import this data into some spreadsheet software (like MS Excel) and quickly calculate min, max and average values for the entire stream

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