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Do I need the extra option memory for my TLA6xx platform?

Question :

Do I need the extra option memory for my TLA6xx platform?

Answer :

The extra DRAM does decrease the need for Windows 2000 Professional to swap data from memory to hard disk, thereby improving overall performance, especially if you are running other Windows applications in addition to the TLA application. If the TLA application is the only application operating on your TLA mainframe, however, adding DRAM beyond 64 MB will not cause any noticeable performance improvement.

To increase the DRAM and hard drive space order TLA6UP Option 10 which includes 512 MB DRAM and 30 GB internal fixed hard disk. If you require further details on the installation procedures, you can download the TLA 6UP Instruction Manual from the Manuals link on the Logic Analyzer Home Page.

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