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Can I save the AFG3000 display to a graphic file?

Question :

Can I save the AFG3000 display to a graphic file?

Answer :

Yes. As of firmware version 3.0.0 the AFG3000 series instruments now have the functionality to save the display to a graphic file.


At any time during operation, with a USB memory device attached, press and hold the right-arrow digit selection button (just below the dial) and press the left-arrow digit selection button. The animated clock will appear to indicate that the instrument is processing your request. Most USB memory devices have an access indicator that will flash during this time. The instrument will automatically save to the folder TEK with the file prefix TEK followed by five digits. The image will be in the bitmap format with the extension .BMP. The digits will automatically increment as you repeat this procedure. When the instrument is finished saving, it will display the path and full name of the file.


The folder, file prefix, and format are not configurable. Swapping the buttons right-arrow and left-arrow in the procedure will function as well.

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Product Series: Máy tạo chức năng/tùy ý AFG3000C


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