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TDS 210 and TDS 220 Recall Notice

In June 1998, Tektronix began the recall of its model TDS 210 and TDS 220 oscilloscopes. We initiated this voluntary program when it was determined that certain incorrect use of these products could cause the ground connection to fail, potentially exposing the user to risk of serious personal injury or death.

This ongoing recall applies to TDS 210 and TDS 220 oscilloscopes with serial numbers falling within one of the following ranges:

TDS 210:

B010100 to B049399
BU10000 to BU50199
C010000 to C010879

TDS 220:

B010100 to B041059
BU10000 to BU50199
C010000 to C011174

The TDS 224 is not subject to this recall.

To find the serial number of your TDS 210 and TDS 220 oscilloscope, check the rear panel. If you see a white, vertically oriented Tektronix decal marked "P.S. MOD SUP 40-003", it means the oscilloscope has already been modified. The nearby rear-panel photograph shows the location of this modification decal. Modified products are not subject to the recall and need not be returned.

If your oscilloscope's serial number falls within one of the ranges listed above, and has not been modified, stop use of the product immediately and return it to Tektronix for modification. Even if your product appears to be functioning properly, you should not assume that it does not have an open ground connection.

For details on returning unmodified products, please go to the Recall Return Instructions. Tektronix will modify and return the oscilloscope to you within eight (8) business days from receipt, free of charge.

Questions? For an immediate response to your questions:

In the U.S., call 1-800-833-9200

In other countries, refer to the Recall Return Instructions for contact information to find the recall information center nearest you.

For additional information, see the menu in the center of this page. Questions can also be answered by sending email to Tektronix.