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To install your license file:

  1. From the 'Help' menu, select 'About…'
  2. In the 'About' menu select 'Install License' button in lower right corner of dialog
  3. Navigate to the drive letter where the USB storage device is inserted
    • Drive locations on front of instrument are E:, F:, G: from top to bottom when facing instrument
    • Drive locations on rear of instrument are H:, I: from left to right when facing rear of instrument
  4. Highlight the license file and select the Open button in the navigation dialog
  5. Restart the instrument

After power cycling the oscilloscope, verify that the DVM license has been installed:

  1. You can verify the license is installed by selecting 'About…' from the 'Help' menu
  2. The new license should be visible in the Installed Options list. You can highlight the license to view details about the license below the list

To access the DVM features on your oscilloscope:

  1. Push the Add DVM button in the lower center portion of the user interface

To access the Trigger Frequency Counter feature on your oscilloscope:

  1. Double tap the Trigger readout badge
  2. Tap the Mode & Holdoff panel to open it
  3. Tap the Trigger Frequency Counter On/Off switch to turn it on