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TSP Applications for Keithley Touch Test Invent® Models: How to Download and Run

TSP® Applications are Keithley-developed programs that enable your instrument to be transformed in ways not found in other instrumentation. These applications provide the capability to create specialized functions, test automation, and visualization on the user interface. TSP® Applications appear when the instrument is used in the TSP® or native SCPI communication language mode and are pre-installed on some models. These applications extend the power of our TSP® scripting and provide custom display screens that are tailored for specific applications and user experiences.

For additional information, or if you have an interest in a specific application, please contact us at: [email protected]

Steps to Download and run TSP® Applications

  1. Download the selected TSP® Application from the link in the table below.
  2. Save and unzip the file onto the root directory of a USB drive.
  3. Insert the USB drive into the front panel of the instrument.
  4. Press the APPS key on the instrument’s front panel, this takes you to the Apps Manager screen.
  5. Select the USB tab in the Apps Manager. This shows you the available TSP® Applications.
  6. Selecting a TSP® Application will cause a brief description to appear, including its name, its function, and the instrument compatibility of the TSP® Application.
  7. Along with the description, you will see three buttons: RUN, SAVE, and DELETE.
    1. RUN starts selected TSP® Application.
    2. SAVE saves a copy of the TSP® Application to the internal memory as a local app, which will appear in the Local tab.
    3. DELETE deletes the TSP® Application from the USB drive.

TSP® Application Scripts

Application Model Number & Version Title Description Models Supported Channel Grid Displays up to 40 channels of readings in a table format DAQ6510, DMM6500 Fuse/Info A diagnostic tool that lists hardware parameters, current input fuse testing, and fan testing DAQ6510, DMM6500 Relay Count Diagnostic tool that lists relay counts (activations) for inserted plug-in modules DAQ6510 DAQ6510 Intro Showcases user-interface features of the DAQ6510 DAQ6510 DMM6500 Intro Showcases user-interface features of the DMM6500 DMM6500 Clock Highlights the customization capability by displaying an analog clock DAQ6510, DMM6500 SMU Arb Function Generator Arbitrary Function Generator up to 50 Hz for TTI Source Measure Units 2450, 2460, 2461, 2470