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Does the 2 Series MSO support filter math?

Question :

Does the 2 Series MSO support filter math?

Answer :

Due to the limited display area on the 2 Series MSO's user interface, there is no filter button available for adding filter math waveforms.  However, the 2 Series MSO supports filter files (.flt).  To apply filter math, you will need to write the equation in the EQUATION EDITOR for the Advanced math.

Here is an example syntax for applying a filter file in advanced math:


The 2 Series MSO includes a list of built-in high-pass and low-pass filters.

Low Pass Filter

  • lowpass_0.05bw.flt
  • lowpass_0.1bw.flt
  • lowpass_0.15bw.flt
  • lowpass_0.2bw.flt
  • lowpass_0.25bw.flt
  • lowpass_0.3bw.flt
  • lowpass_0.35bw.flt
  • lowpass_0.4bw.flt
  • lowpass_0.45bw.flt

High Pass Filter

  • highpass_0.05bw.flt
  • highpass_0.1bw.flt
  • highpass_0.15bw.flt
  • highpass_0.2bw.flt
  • highpass_0.25bw.flt
  • highpass_0.3bw.flt
  • highpass_0.35bw.flt
  • highpass_0.4bw.flt
  • highpass_0.45bw.flt

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Product Series: Máy hiện sóng tín hiệu hỗn hợp di động MSO 2 Series


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