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Keithley Test Fixtures Selector Guide

8010 High Power Device Test Fixture: The 8010 High Power Device Test Fixture provides safe and easy connections for testing packaged high power devices at up to 3000 V or 100 A. The 8010 provides connections for a high voltage SourceMeter SMU instrument (2657A), one or two high current SourceMeter SMU instruments (2651A), and three low power SourceMeter SMU instruments (other Series 2600B or 4200A-SCS source measure unit (SMU) instruments). This allows devices with two terminals (diodes) or three terminals (transistors) or even four or five terminals to be characterized safely and accurately. The 8010 has full interlock capability for up to six SourceMeter SMU instruments. The 8010 has integrated protection circuits that protect the low voltage SourceMeter SMU instruments from high voltages the 2657A can output should a device fault occur. The 8010 includes both a high current (100 A) and a high voltage (3000 V) test socket. Various replacement test socket modules are available, including TO-247, TO-220, axial lead, and a blank socket module that allows building a custom socket. In addition to standard banana jumpers, the 8010 has rear-panel scope and thermal probe ports to simplify system integration.


Accessories Supplied

3 ea. CA-558-2: Three-Pin Interlock Connector Cables (2 m)

12 ea CA-560-x: Banana to Banana Jumper Cables (203 mm)

2 ea. CA-562-x: Safety Banana to Banana Jumper Cables (254 mm)

6 ea. CA-563: BNC to Banana cables (241 mm)

2 ea. CA-568-120: Earth Safety Ground Cables (305 cm)

1 ea. 8010-317: Socket Insulating Plug Card

1 ea. 8010-CTB: Customizable Test Board

2 ea. 8010-DTB: Device Test Board for TO-247 Devices (3 kV, 100 A)

For use with: 2651A, 2657A, 4200A-SCS, 26xxB, 2600-PCT-x, 4200-PCT-x

8010 rear panel.

8009 Resistivity Chamber: The 8009 is a guarded test fixture for measuring volume and surface resistivities. It assures good electrostatic shielding and high insulation resistance up to 1100 V. The 8009 is designed for safe operation with the 6517A or 6517B. Opening the lid of the 8009 automatically turns off the 6517A or 6517B voltage source. The 8009 accommodates sheet samples from 64 mm to 102 mm (2½ to 4 in) in diameter and up to 3.2 mm (1⁄8 in) thick. It maintains good sample contact with uniform pressure (from 6 to 10 lbs depending on thickness) on smooth parallel samples.


With the front panel switch on the 8009, toggle between volume and surface resistivity, with the 6517A or 6517B configured to calculate and display the appropriate result automatically. The 8009 permits direct measurement of volume resistivity up to 1018 Ω-cm (on samples 0.1 cm thick) and surface resistivity up to 1017 Ω/square, in accordance with ASTM procedures.

Accessories Supplied

6517-ILC-3: Interlock Cable for 6517A

6517B-ILC-3: Interlock Cable for 6517B

7078-TRX-3: Triax Cable

8007-GND-3: Safety Ground Wire

8607: Source Cable Set

Environmental Limits: Operating: –30° to +85°C, 65% R.H. up to 35°C, derate 3% R.H./°C above 35°C. Storage: –25° to +85°C.

Dimensions: 108 mm high × 165 mm wide × 140 mm deep (41⁄4 in × 6½ in × 5½ in).

Weight: 1.45 kg (3.19 lbs).

For use with: 6487, 6517A, 6517B SourceMeter

8101-PIV: DC and pulse I-V demo fixture that is a metal case with four female triax connectors, two SMA connectors, and a latch. Inside the test fixture are two 4-pin device holders (transistor sockets) and two plungers for parts with two leads.


For use with: 4200A-SCS, Series 2600B, 6482, any 40 V rated triaxial or SMA instrument

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