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SIP Loopback VoIP Testing Datasheet

Proactively Test your VoIP Service to Improve Customer Satisfaction
Tektronix' SIP Loopback Test Agent can monitor and troubleshoot VoIP service quality as perceived by subscribers by remotely testing to SIP end devices. No field test equipment is required. This test provides over 60 VoIP QoS measurements that allow operators to test their VoIP service delivery, proactively monitor their endsubscriber's service, troubleshoot, and isolate VoIP issues throughout the service life cycle.
VoIP Service Delivery
A remote loopback test can be performed on the VoIP end device to create a "birth certificate" that confirms the service is ready to go.
Proactive Monitoring
Use proactive loopback testing to cover your full subscriber base to verify that any changes to your network are having no impact on your endsubscriber's service as compared to the day it was installed.
Troubleshooting and Fault Isolation
With probes deployed at key network segments, isolate network faults by performing loopback tests to intermediary points throughout the network.
Return on Investment
The reduction of customer service calls due to proactive testing and faster resolution of issues can more than pay for the DirectQuality® system.