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Production Testing with Keithley SMUs

Johannes Raschke, Test Engineer at Pepperl+Fuchs, which is a leading manufacturer in sensor technology, intrinsic safety, and explosion protection equipment based in Germany, operating around the world.

Pepperl + Fuchs - SMU2461 - DMM6500

The Customer Challenge

What do you specifically do with Keithley Source Measure Units?

Traditionally, we would do the production testing of our proximity sensors using a system consisting of many separate individual pieces of test equipment. With the new 2461 high-current SMU, the test setup for all basic tests could be tremendously simplified.

– Johannes Raschke, test engineer at Pepperl+Fuchs SE, Germany


No more separate relays for reverse polarity tests, no more external digitizers to be integrated for time domain measurements, no more separate DMM for the measurements of the supply current and of the leakage current. Now everything can be implemented with a one box solution unit. Even the safety cut-off is already included. The test setup was not only drastically simplified, but the measurement accuracy highly improved from the previously used DMMs and 8-bit digitizers, which helped us identifying behaviors of the units we never could reveal before.'

The Solution