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Z-Matched Pick-off Tee

PSPL5372 Datasheet

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PSPL5372 Datasheet

The PSPL5372 Z-Matched Pick-off Tee is an ultra-broadband resistive device that provides a scaled 5x (14 dB) pick-off of the input signal. The PSPL5372 exhibits excellent through-line impedance match to 50 ohms for frequencies from DC to 26 GHz, unlike conventional 14 dB pick-off tees that have DC resistance of 42 ohms at the input. The PSPL5372 features outstanding insertion loss and group delay flatness. Either Port 1 or Port 2 may be used as the input.

Key performance specifications
  • Excellent Through-Line Impedance Match
  • Minimizes Signal Reflections
  • DC to 26 GHz
  • 5x (14 dB) Pick-off

Typical performance



Parameter 1Minimum Typical Maximum Comments
Pick-off Insertion Loss (S31) -13.6 dB -14.7 dB -16.4 dB Specified from 40 MHz – 20 GHz
Through-line Insertion Loss (S21) -1.7 dB -2.0 dB -3.1 dB Specified from 40 MHz – 20 GHz
Return Loss to 14 GHz (S11/S22)  -25 dB  Also see S11/S22 plot
Return Loss to 20 GHz (S11/S22) -15 dB   Also see S11/S22 plot
Through-line rise time (10% - 90%)  12 ps  Port 1 to 2, see plot
Pick-off rise time (10% - 90%)  15 ps  Port 1 to 3, see plot
Through-line Group Delay Variation  ±5 ps  Port 1 to 2, DC to 26 GHZ
Pick-off Group Delay Variation  ±10 ps  Port 1 to 3, DC to 26 GHZ
Input/Output Impedance @ DC
(port 1 or port 2)
 50 Ω   
Temperature Range (°C) -55 °C  90 °C Operating
Input Power, (Port 1 or 2, Avg)   2 W  
Connectors SMA jacks (f)
Warranty One year
Mechanical dimensions


1All parameters listed are typical unless max/min guaranteed limits are provided. The DC specs are valid only when used with 50 Ω source and terminations.

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Pick-Off Tee, 2 port Z-matched