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Total Product Protection Plan Datasheet

Total Product Protection Plan Datasheet

The new Total Product Protection from Tektronix protects your equipment for 3 or 5 years from accidental damage, wear and tear, and ESD or EOS events. This plan ensures your equipment remains like-new regardless of what happens. Simply ship your damaged equipment to a repair depot and we will repair or replace the unit within 5 days of receiving your instrument. In addition, your equipment will be cleaned and receive factory-certified calibration to ensure your unit is as good as new.

The Ultimate Solution
  • 3 or 5-year protection plans .
  • 5-day in-depot turnaround time.
  • Coverage from wear and tear.
  • Coverage from accidental damage.
  • Covers damage caused by ESD or EOS events.
  • Single point of contact to manage your service journey.
  • Return shipping at no cost.
  • Cleaning and calibration included with every repair.

Save time, money, and hassle with a multi-year repair plan. Whether your equipment has been sidelined by accidental damage or by normal wear and tear, your investment is protected with Total Product Protection. As the original equipment manufacturer, we will also apply firmware updates, make safety modifications, and make adjustments to ensure top performance out of your instrument.

Accidents happen

Whether you are in a controlled lab or on the floor of a manufacturing plant, your equipment can face a variety of hazards that could lead to costly repairs. Equipment that has been dropped, damaged in transit, poorly stored, or worse, result in thousands of dollars in repair costs. You can lower your unplanned costs dramatically with our Total Product Protection.

Accidents happen, but we've got you covered.

How it works

  • Step 1. Call the number listed on your service contract to schedule repairs.

  • Step 2. Ship your equipment to the nearest repair depot.

  • Step 3. Allow technicians 5 days to diagnose and repair your equipment. If we can't fix it, we'll replace it.

  • Step 4. We'll clean, calibrate, and ship your equipment back to you at no charge.

Which plan is right for you?

The manufacturer warranty protects your equipment from equipment failure and design flaws, but you can also add a protection plan to extend your time under warranty and avoid costly repairs. Pick the option that is best for you:

Service plan feature

Total Protection

(T3, T5)

Gold Repair

(G3, G5)

Gold Lite

Silver Care

(R3, R5)

Coverage from Accidental Damage      
Protection from ESD and EOS Events  
Extension of Manufacturer Warranty
Normal Wear and Tear      
Loaner Unit During Repair      
Scheduled Factory Certified Calibration      
Protection from Manufacturer Defects
Terms of Contract 3 or 5 years 3 or 5 years 3 or 5 years 3 or 5 years
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