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Enhanced Printing Utility Software


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Features & Benefits

  • Available for Free Download from the WWW
  • Uses Familiar, User-friendly TDS User Interface
  • Prints Up to 2000 pages of Waveform Data
  • Allows Printing of Entire Record or Region Between Cursors
  • Print Preview Mode Allows Quick High Resolution Viewing of Long Records
  • Print Preview Mode Allows Pages to be Marked or Unmarked for Printing
  • Help Page


  • View Data on Multiple Sectors of a Disk Drive
  • View Header Information in a Communications Data Stream

User-installed Oscilloscope-resident Enhanced Printing Utility

Electronic design engineers in the disk drive, communications and other related industries that use long records need to view a hardcopy of a long record. Customers in the disk drive industry want to view anomalies on certain sectors of data. Customers designing modems want hardcopies of start-up sequences that detail threshold changes with different digital modulation schemes. Bio-Medical customers want to print out long records to evaluate several minutes of activity from their pacemakers.

Tektronix now offers a solution that provides enhanced printing capabilities for the industry-leading TDS oscilloscopes. Using the familiar TDS user interface, customers can now easily navigate long records and conveniently print only screens that are of interest to them.

TDSPRT1 is a Software package from Tektronix that delivers enhanced printing capabilities. It is available for free by following the installation instructions from the following URL:/Measurement/scopes/home.html.

System Requirements

TDSPRT1 will operate on the following Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscopes:

Tektronix Oscilloscopes Supported




TDS724C Opt. 2M

V5.2e or later

B020100 or greater

TDS754C Opt. 2M

V5.2e or later

B020100 or greater

TDS784C Opt. 2M

V5.2e or later

B020100 or greater

TDS500D, TDS600C, TDS700D, Series oscilloscopes with Option HD.

After installation, the application will be accessible from the oscilloscope front panel.

Instruments must have Option HD, Hard Disk Drive.

Instruments must also have TDSRTE1 (Run Time Environment) installed to run the application.

Ordering Information


Application and instructions can be downloaded for free from the www at: /Measurement/scopes/home.html.