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Jitter and Timing Analysis Software


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Features & Benefits

  • Measurements Include: Cycle-Cycle, N-Cycle, Skew, Period, Width, Duty Cycle, Frequency, Time Interval Error, Data Jitter, Jitter Spectrum, Ch-Ch Delay, Setup Margin, Hold Margin, Clock to Output Timing, Rise, Fall, High and Low Time
  • Characterize Jitter on Single Inputs, Differential Inputs and Channel to Channel Waveforms
  • Measure Jitter Timing Parameters Over Contiguous Clock Cycles
  • Analysis is Performed on Each and Every Valid Pulse in a Single-shot Acquisition
  • Plot Trends of all Jitter Timing Measurements vs. Cycle or Time
  • Comprehensive Statistics and Customized Histograms on all Jitter Parameters
  • Perform Jitter Analysis Without External Equipment
  • Installs Inside the Oscilloscope
  • Offers Measurement Automation and Control Through GPIB


  • Precisely Characterize the Timing and AC Performance of Your Semiconductor Systems
  • Determine the Timing Margins in Your Digital Designs
  • Characterize Spread Spectrum Clock PLL Systems
  • Determine the Data Jitter in Communications Data Streams
User-installed, Oscilloscope-resident Timing Analysis Package

Electronic design engineers in semiconductor and communications industries develop systems with high clock speeds and reduced timing margins. As clock frequencies in the industry continue to increase, timing margins become more critical. Sophisticated techniques are required to properly characterize the placement of these clock and data edges. Customers in these industries need to ensure that the timing margins in their designs are not violated because of excessive jitter.

The TDS7000 oscilloscopes have superb jitter analysis capabilities on non-contiguous clocks with their histogram and statistics capabilities. The Tektronix TDSJIT2 Jitter Analysis software will extend that capability by making jitter measurements on contiguous clock and data cycles from single-shot acquisitions. TDSJIT2 provides many key timing parameter measurements. These are specifically designed to meet the jitter measurement needs of today's high speed digital designers in the computer and communications industries. Measurements can be made on differential signals and between two separate input signals. Trend plots quickly show how various timing parameters change over time. Comprehensive statistics and histograms of timing parameters enhance the powerful analysis capabilities of TDSJIT2. For the first time, you can make a setup time measurement for a specific data edge to the exact, corresponding clock for all valid transitions in an acquisition.

Tektronix' TDSJIT2 Jitter Analysis software delivers industry-standard jitter and timing analysis capabilities. This software is easily installed in a TDS oscilloscope and does not require any external processing or connections. After installation, the application is accessible from the oscilloscope's front panel.


Tektronix Digital Oscilloscopes Supported -

TDS5000 Series oscilloscopes.

TDS6000 Series oscilloscopes.

TDS7000 Series oscilloscopes.

CSA7000 Series oscilloscopes.

Typical Performance with TDS7404 -

Jitter Noise Floor: 1.5 psRMS

Single-shot Delta Time Accuracy: 3 psRMS*1

*1 TDS7404 RMS accuracy = 0.06/(sample rate) +2.5 ppm*|Measurement|. This gives 3.1 psRMS at 20 GS/s, for a 10 ns measurement.

Ordering Information


When Ordering a New TDS5000, TDS6000, TDS7000, or CSA7000 Series Oscilloscope - Order Option J1.

To Upgrade Your Existing TDS5000, TDS6000, TDS7000, or CSA7000 Series Oscilloscope - Order Options as follows:

CSA7000 Series: Order CSA7UP with Option J1

TDS5000 Series: Order TDS5UP with Option J1

TDS6000 Series: Order TDS6UP with Option J1

TDS7000 Series: Order TDS7UP with Option J1

Includes: Software on a compact disk, manual.

TDSJIT2 Recommended Accessories

Arbitrary Waveform Generator - AWG710 Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

High-bandwidth Differential Probe - P7330 3.5 GHz Differential Probe.

High-bandwidth Active Probes - P7260 6 GHz Active Probe.

P7225 2.5 GHz Active Probe.

P6241 4 GHz, 10x Active Probe.