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Communications Pulse Measurement Software


Features & Benefits

  • Performs Measurements and Pass/Fail Testing of:
    • Pulse Amplitude
    • Spectral Power
    • Pulse Imbalance
    • Pulse Symmetry
    • Zero Level
  • Supports Electrical Tributary Rate Standards up to 155 Mb/s:
    • ANSI T1.102
    • ITU-T G.703
  • Report Generation for Saving Measurement Results in a .CSV File for Further Analysis or Archiving
  • Supports GPIB/LAN Control for Automated Testing
  • Easy to Install and Use


  • Characterizing Standards Compliance of Electrical Communications Signals
  • Line Card Compliance Testing in Manufacturing
User-installed, Oscilloscope-resident Communication Physical Layer Compliance Measurement Package

Compliance to industry standards is key to the success of telecommunications manufacturers. Telecommunications pulse mask testing of electrical signals has been done with oscilloscopes for years because of features such as variable time delay, voltage scales, and communications triggers. TDSCPM2 software on a DPO7000 or DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series oscilloscope, with AMT75 or AFTDS electrical interface adapters, provide the third-generation Digital Interface Test System (DITS) needed for full electrical compliance testing.

Mask testing (standard on DSA70000 Series and optional on DPO7000 and DPO/MSO70000 Series instruments) provides waveform masks, autoset and auto-fit to mask, as well as built-in mask margin and editing capability. The AFTDS electrical adapter provides the bantam adapter input for signals less than 8 Mb/s, and the AMT75 provides a precision 75 Ω termination for electrical signals greater than 8 Mb/s up to 1 GHz. TDSCPM2 software completes the solution with compliance measurements and Pass/Fail indication on Pulse Amplitude, Spectral Power, Pulse Imbalance, Pulse Symmetry, and Zero Level. This combination of mask and compliance measurement testing ensures compliance with ANSI T1.102 and ITU-T G.703 industry standards.

TDSCPM2 software is easily installed from a CD. After installation, the application is accessible from the oscilloscope's touch screen or by using a mouse.


Tektronix Oscilloscopes Supported

DPO70000 Series of Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes (Opt. MTH serial communication mask testing required).

DSA70000 Series Digital Serial Analyzers.

MSO70000 Series of Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes (Opt. MTH serial communication mask testing required).

Ordering Information

When Purchasing a New DPO/MSO70000 (Opt. MTH required) or DSA70000

Opt. CP2 - TDSCPM2 Communication Pulse Measurement software.

To Upgrade an Existing DPO/MSO70000 (Opt. MTH required) or DSA70000

DPO-UP Opt. CP2 - TDSCPM2 Communication Pulse Measurement software.

TDSCPM2 Package - Includes software on a CD, online documentation, and quick reference guide.

Recommended Accessories

AFTDS - Telecom electrical interface adapter for line rates <8 Mb/s.

AMT75 - 1 GHz precision 75 Ω adapter for line rates >8 Mb/s.