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15 GHz Bias Tee

PSPL5580 Datasheet

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PSPL5580 Datasheet

The PSPL5580 is a broadband coaxial bias insertion tee and DC blocking capacitor designed to pass fast rise pulses without waveform distortion. The rise time is 28 ps with a –3 dB bandwidth extending from 10 KHz to 15 GHz. The PSPL5580 is designed to handle DC currents up to 2 A. The PSPL5580 is supplied with an external choke mounted to a terminal strip and an additional inductive circuit on an external PCBA.

Key performance specifications
  • 10 kHz to 15 GHz
  • 28 ps rise time
  • 50 V, 2 A

Typical performance


1 dB/div and 2 GHz/div Insertion Loss


5 dB/div and 2 GHz/div Return Loss


10 dB/div and 2 GHz/div Isolation (AC-DC)


Top to bottom: 500 ps/div, 100 ps/div, and 20 ps/div 10 ps Step Response


5% rho/div and 200 ps/div 35 ps TDR of AC port


Parameter Symbol Units Minimum Typical Maximum Comments
Impedance Z ohms   50     
Upper 3 dB frequency fc,h GHz 10  15     
Lower 3 dB frequency fc,l kHz   10     
Rise time tr ps   28  35  10 - 90%
Insertion loss S21 dB     0.1 - 3 GHz, ±0.5 dB
Input (AC) Return Loss S11 dB RL > 15 dB - 1 dB / GHz * f (GHz) 0.1 < f < 10 GHz
Refl. Coefficient (35 ps TDR) Γ %   +8  -13    t ≤ 100 ps
t > 100 ps
DC voltage V V     50   
DC current I A      
Capacitance C µF   0.22    - 50%, + 80%
Inductance L mH   1.1    ±25%
Resistance R ohms   0.8     
RF power P W     2.5  Average power
Isolation S13 dB   30     
DC path bandwidth fc,DC kHz      
RF Connectors SMA jacks (f)
DC Connector Wires to PC Board and DC 1
Warranty One year


Mechanical dimensions


Dimensions in inches, Tolerance = 0.01


1 The PSPL5580 consists of a coaxial unit, external coil and a separate pc board. These are hi-z circuits. To prevent undesired HF resonances, do not use coax or long wires. If the pc board is not used, the low frequency cut-off is 500 kHz.

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BIAS TEE, 15 GHz, 50 V, 2 A