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40GBASE-CR4 Debug and Automated Compliance Solution, Datasheet

DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series Option 40G-CR4 Datasheet

DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series Option 40G-CR4 Datasheet

The Tektronix TekExpress® 40GBase-CR4 Debug and Automated Compliance Solution application (Option 40G-CR4) provides design engineers with an easy-to-use automated solution to test and debug 40GBASE-CR4 designs, using off-the-shelf tools, to reduce human-related measurement errors and shorten the design cycle.

Key Features
  • Tektronix 40G-CR4 debug and automated compliance solution meets the compliance test and debug needs of engineers working on IEEE 802.3-2012 40GBASE-CR4 designs
  • Tektronix 40G-CR4 operates on a real time oscilloscope platform, which is the platform of choice for engineers working on designing their products around 40GBASE-CR4 technology
  • Option 40G-CR4 provides both an automation solution (for compliance) and DPOJET option (for debug), saving users up to 80% on testing time as compared to manual testing
  • The 40G-CR4 solution provides measurements for electrical characterization of 40GBASE-CR4 signal at TP2 and TP0.
  • Design engineers can seamlessly move from compliance testing to a debug environment and use the world-class Tektronix DPOJET debug tool
  • A user-defined mode enables flexible parameter control for characterization and margin analysis
  • The user-defined mode supports PRBS7, PRBS11, PRBS15, PRBS20, PRBS23, and PRBS31 patterns, and supports PRBS9 and 1010 patterns in compliance mode
  • A complete programmatic interface lets users call 40G-CR4 functions using custom automation scripts
  • 40G-CR4 provides setup files to load n1n0, PRBS11 and PRBS31 patterns and 40G-CR4 measurements into the oscilloscope and DPOJET, to quickly set the oscilloscope and software to a debug environment
  • A new intuitive user interface and framework decreases testing time and learning curve for end users
  • Measurements are grouped by the signal types best suited for the measurement, which reduces user intervention
  • End-users can connect remotely to a test setup and receive e-mails with measurement results
  • 40G-CR4 provides design engineers with many built-in reporting features such as appending the report, auto-incrementing the report name, and including user comments, to tailor the measurement result data to their reporting requirements
  • Provides customers with a Tektronix floating license installation option

Ethernet 40GBASE-CR4 transmitter testing for:

  • Device silicon validation
  • Cable and connector validation
  • System compliance and debug
  • Manufacturing test

40GBASE-CR4 technology overview

Clause 85 of IEEE 802.3 specification details out 40GBASE-CR4 PMD. The 40GBASE-CR4 is a 40 Gigabit Ethernet technology with a low-swing AC-coupled differential interface. AC coupling at the receiver allows for communication between components operating from different supply voltages. Low-swing differential signaling provides more noise immunity and improved electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection.

The 40GBASE-CR4 signal paths are point-to-point connections, with four differential paths in each direction for a total of eight pairs, or sixteen connections. It uses 4 lanes of shielded, balanced copper cabling between the transmitter and receiver to achieve the required data rate (4 * 10.3125 Gbps). The length of the signal path in 40GBASE-CR4 can range from 0.5 m to 7 m.

The Tektronix TekExpress 40G-CR4 solution addresses transmitter measurements related to:

  • Transmitter characteristics at TP2 (Table 85-5 in IEEE 802.3-2012)
  • Transmitter characteristics at TP0 (Table 85A-1 in IEEE 802.3-2012)

To take measurements of the signal at TP0, engineers will acquire the signal at TP2 and use filter files to de-embed the channel effects between TP2 and TP0. This filter need to be an FIR filter, a .flt file with filter taps stored in the Tektronix FIR Filter file format.


Launch the application from the oscilloscope Analyze menu


TekExpress® 40G-CR4 measurement setup

The new 40G-CR4 solution lets you easily select and run measurements for 40GBASE-CR4 testing. Simple and easy-to-use measurement setup helps customers perform all measurements with a single button click. Automation options help customers meet their compliance needs and generate detailed reports. A user-defined mode lets customers make changes to the test limits and perform margin testing beyond compliance.


Test selections in the TekExpress Setup menu


DPOJET 40GBASE-CR4 measurement setup

The new 40G-CR4 solution helps customers to easily select measurements for 40GBASE-CR4 testing. All masks, limits, and measurement parameters are automatically configured for the customer. Additionally, customers have the flexibility to change selected measurements and measurement configurations within DPOJET. 40G-CR4 DPOJET options provide a new standard-specific UI.

Signal-specific setup files let design engineers perform measurements on different signal types, letting the engineer go into Analysis and Debug modes.


Selecting measurements in the DPOJET application


Simplified measurement setup - save time and resources

Measurement setup and test execution is simple with the 40G-CR4 software. The oscilloscope signal acquisition and measurement analysis are all controlled through the 40G-CR4 automation solution. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides an intuitive workflow for measurement setup, testing, and reporting.

Margin testing

40G-CR4 supports design characterization beyond IEEE 802.3-2012 compliance requirements for all measurements. Qualify PHY with flexible control over test configurations such as analysis windows and other parameters. A user-defined mode lets customers make changes to the test limits and perform marginal testing beyond compliance.


User-defined mode enables flexible parameter control for characterization and margin analysis


Informative measurements

Additional informative measurements have been added to compliance suit which provide design engineers with greater insight into their designs. Additional measurements include Total Jitter, Deterministic Jitter, J2, J9 and Transition Time.

Deembed feature

As data rates increase, high-speed serial technologies have introduced new test methodologies and requirements for compliance testing. As technologies such as 40G increase in data rates, the eye is closed and different components such as SMA cables can be de-embedded to get better results. 40G-CR4 provides an option to de-embed the signal using .FLT files.


De-embedding feature available


Return loss support

The Tektronix 40G-CR4 solution does not provide an ability to perform Differential Output Return Loss or Common Mode Output Return Loss. The 40G-CR4 solution does provide the ability to take an .s16p file as an input to map the results against limits. This feature provides design engineers an option to use common reporting and plotting mechanism available on one instrument. Users are prompted to provide a path to the .s16p file when they click the Configure button.


Differential Return Loss measurement plot


Interactive plot

Option 40G-CR4 is equipped with the latest TekExpress interactive plot module. This feature lets you take a look at the signal after a test is performed. With this new plot module, you can move the cursors and find out the delta on the X and Y axis.


Interactive plot


Report configuration menu

The report configuration menu lets users configure reports, and it provides options such as auto increment, appending, and so on.


Report configuration menu


Popup messages let you configure the DUT to transmit a particular signal type


Multiple pattern support

Many products available on the market support patterns over and above what is specified in IEEE 802.3. 40G-CR4 provides multiple patterns in user defined mode to extend testing beyond the IEEE 802.3 requirements. User defined mode supports PRBS7, PRBS11, PRBS15, PRBS20, PRBS23, and PRBS31. 40G-CR4 also provides patterns to support compliance testing, including PRBS9 and 8180.


Multiple pattern support


Pass/Fail report

A summary report in .MHT (MHTML) & .PDF format with Pass/Fail status is automatically generated after tests complete. The report includes test configuration details, waveform plots, and margin analysis to provide more insight into your design.


40G-CR4 test report


Supported 40GBASE-CR4 measurements

Measurement Sub claus reference Value Unit TP0 TP2
Signaling rate, per lane  10.3125 ±100 ppm GBd x x
Unit interval nominal  96.969697  ps x x
Differential peak-to-peak output voltage (max) with Tx disabled - 30  mV x x
Common Mode voltage limits  0 to 1.9  V x x
Differential output return loss  See Equation (85-1) dB x x
Common Mode output return loss  See Equation (72-6) and (72-7) dB x  
Amplitude peak to peak(max)  1200  mV   x
Random jitter (p-p)  0.15  UI x x
Duty cycle distortion  0.35  UI x x
Total jitter excluding DDJ 83A.5.1 (?) 0.25  UI   x
Total jitter  Informative UI x  
Deterministic jitter  Informative UI x  
J2 (Informative) - Informative UI   x
J9 (Informative) - Informative UI   x
Transititon time (20% - 80%)  Informative test for TP2 Normative test for TP2 UI x x
Transmitter DC amplitude  0.34 min, 0.6 max V x x
Linear fit pulse (min)  0.63 × Transmitter
DC amplitude
V x x
Transmitted waveform:
- max normalized error (linear fit), “e”  0.037  -   x
- abs coefficient step size  0.0083 min, 0.05 max -   x
- minimum precursor full scale range  1.54  -   x
- minimum post cursor full scale range  -   x

Probes and fixtures

QSFP+ Host- QSFP+ Host Compliance Board Plug and MCB- QSFP+ Module Compliance Board Receptacle is available from Tektronix. Wilder Technologies manufacture these fixtures however interested users can buy it directly from Tektronix. 40G-CR4 solution will support only single ended input. Differential probes are not supported.

Use TCA-292MM when the application is run on oscilloscopes with a bandwidth greater than or equal to 25 GHz. Use TCA-SMA when the application is run on oscilloscopes with a bandwidth less than 25 GHz.


QSFP+ Host Compliance Board Plug and Module Compliance Board Receptacle fixtures

Ordering information

40GBASE-CR4 Debug and Automated Compliance Solution.

Order Option 40G-CR4 to preinstall the software on a new Tektronix DPO/DSA/MSO70000 series oscilloscope.


Order an upgrade for an existing oscilloscope:

DPO-UP Opt. 40G-CR4
DPO/DSA/MSO70000 with single license
DPOFL Opt. 40G-CR4
DPO/DSA/MSO70000 with floating license
DPOFT Opt. 40G-CR4
DPO/DSA/MSO70000 with floating trial license
Recommended equipment
Recommended Tektronix oscilloscopes (DPO/DSA/MSO series) Required software Accessories Test fixture
71604C 72004C

1 Required to run 40G-CR4.

Recommended accessories
QSFP-TX test fixtures
QSFP+ Host Compliance Board Plug
QSFP+ Module Compliance Board Receptacle
QSFP+ Host Compliance Board Plug and Module Compliance Board Receptacle
DC Block Kit (Quantity 4)

The QSFP+ Host- QSFP+ Host Compliance Board Plug and MCB- QSFP+ Module Compliance Board Receptacle is available from Tektronix. All of these fixtures are available from Wilder Technologies.

The 40G-CR4 software is warranted for 90 days.