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Courseware Download Agreement

The courseware hosted on this page includes submissions by members of the global academic community. They are owned by their respective authors but are shared here with others for free download, customization and usage.

Not all of the courseware has gone through Tektronix’s normal quality control processes. It is provided to users as an accommodation, and is accordingly provided “As-Is” and without any representation or warranty.

Tektronix specifically disclaims all such warranties, whether express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose (even if a particular use is known, and non-infringement of intellectual property rights. In no event shall Tektronix be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages in any way arising out of or connected with the use of the courseware published on this page.

Courseware Submission Terms and Conditions

By Submitting your courseware for publishing on our courseware webpage, you agree to the following:

  1. The courseware is an original work of yours and you will be solely responsible for any 3rd party claims asserting otherwise, including any assertion that the courseware violates the rights of any third party.
  2. You will take full responsibility for the content of your submission, keywords and synopsis, including any claim by a third party that the material is defamatory.
  3. While you will retain ownership of the copyright of your submission, Tektronix may publish, reproduce and distribute your submission and your biographical information provided by you for educational purposes, including publication on Tektronix’s website.
  4. You will cooperate with Tektronix’s reasonable requests to prepare the submission in a format suitable for the Tektronix courseware webpage.
  5. You understand that the courseware webpage is an open platform for exchanging best practices in lab classes, and courseware submitted by you can be downloaded, customized and used by any 3rd party, and you expressly consent to such use.    
  6.  By submitting personal contact information, you consent to Tektronix’s including such information in a profile that will be included on the webpage, which may result in others contacting you and you understand that Tektronix cannot control those contacts.