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More About Tektronix Encore

Now you can buy direct from the factory at great savings. We understand that your budget constraints might affect your ability to buy new so we provide products that will do the job, at a price that fits your budget.

When you have a special project with tight deadlines and waiting for an instrument simply won't do, Tektronix Encore may offer a solution for you. In many cases, products have been reconditioned in advance and are available for immediate delivery. For those products not reconditioned in advance, or for products requiring reconfiguration, some lead-time is required for us to properly recondition your Tektronix Encore product or install the added options you purchased. Your Customer Service Representative will help you understand the required lead-time for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do Tektronix Encore products originate?
A: Tektronix Encore inventory comes from various sources

  • Former demonstration units
  • Special events such as the Olympics or trade shows
  • Excess factory inventory
  • Customer returns

Q: What warranty is included on a Tektronix Encore product?
A: Tektronix Encore products are sold with the same warranty as our new products. Extended service options are also available on most products.

Q: What performance can be expected from a Tektronix Encore product?
A: Tektronix Encore products are reconditioned to factory specifications and meet the same high standards of quality that you've come to expect from Tektronix. You never sacrifice performance when purchasing a Tektronix Encore product.

Q: Are Tektronix Encore products the same configuration as what is currently being produced as new products?
A: All products are reconditioned to the configuration they were in when originally manufactured. Tektronix does not represent that Tektronix Encore products will match the current option configuration offered in new products.

Q: What operating system and firmware is included?
A: Unless otherwise noted, the operating system and firmware is the same that is currently shipping with a new product.

Q: What is the appearance and condition of a Tektronix Encore product?
A: Because these most likely are used products, you'll probably notice normal wear and tear on them. What you sacrifice in aesthetics, however, you make up for in price and functionality. Remember that while the Tektronix Encore products may have a few dings and scratches, they come with a standard product warranty at substantial savings from the list price. We stand behind our Tektronix Encore products.

Q: What is the suggested calibration interval for Tektronix Encore products?
A: Proper storage of most new Tektronix and Keithley products does not adversely impact the products’ measurement accuracy. For these products, the manufacturing certificate of calibration does not include a set calibration due date. Instead there is an open calibration due date field for the customer to (optionally) enter a due date. The customer may add the Tektronix or Keithley recommended calibration interval, or a customer selected interval, to the date the product is first used in order to determine a due date. This method for setting the due date is called “Delay Dating”.

Any recommendation about a calibration interval or calibration due date is guidance only, and not a requirement on the customer. The decision to use or not use this guidance is subject to the customer’s Quality and/or Metrology organization.

Q: Can a unit be reserved?
A: Reconditioned products are subject to availability upon receipt of a purchase order. A unit cannot be reserved without a purchase order.

Q: Can options be added to a Tektronix Encore product?
A: In most cases an option can be added to a Tektronix Encore product. If there is an upgrade kit available to add the desired option, we can add it.

Q: Will the option being added get the same discount as the main unit?
A: Yes, for soft options activated by a keycode or dongle as long as the unit has not already been reconditioned (those with a 1 week or less delivery). Eligible soft options are outlined in a note on the Tektronix Encore availability list. The option must be ordered as an option to the main unit not as a separate upgrade kit. Hardware option upgrades are ordered as an upgrade kit on a separate line at list price.

Q: When are installation charges applied to option additions?
A: Installations charges will normally apply for option additions to units that have already been reconditioned (units that show a 1 week or less delivery). Installation charges will not be incurred if we install the option during the reconditioning process.

Q: Can options be removed from a Tektronix Encore product?
A: Yes, but only if it is a soft option activated by a keycode or dongle or if the option being removed is a separate model (e.g. probe, cart, etc.) and the unit does not have a delivery of 1 week or less.

Q: Can power cord or manual language options be changed?
A: Power cord options (A0-A99) or manual language options (L0-L9) can be modified to match your local language and power source. We will make these changes regardless of the delivery lead-time advertised.

Q: What delivery can be expected for a Tektronix Encore product?
A: Our delivery estimate is shown on the availability list. The total lead-time for a product getting a hardware option installed will be the lead-time of the upgrade kit plus 5 weeks. Allow 2 additional weeks when ordering a product from outside the geographic region that you reside.

Q: What other terms and conditions apply?
A: Except as noted above, Tektronix General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply. For the United States or Canada region, pricing is exclusive of taxes, shipping and insurance.