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Using Camera Shading to Deliver Amazing Video Content

By Michael Brett

What is camera shading? Why is it important? And how critical is it now that viewers expect to see amazing content on their spiffy new 4K Ultra High Definition TVs?

Tektronix has the answers, the solutions, and the roadmap for helping you master not only shading, but all aspects of quality of experience (QoE) in your HD and 4K/UHD video workflows.

Tektronix offers a complete suite of waveform and display technologies for real-time IP/SDI and 4K/UHD video test and monitoring. Given how fast video technology is changing, it’s worth noting that our tools are designed to evolve with your production growth as technologies, standards, and expectations evolve. That means you can reduce future risk while also addressing the needs you have today.

Check out the video below for more information on shading and then head over to Tektronix at for the full story on how we can help you realize your vision for today while also laying a path for what lies ahead.