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Test Equipment Good Enough to Eat!

As hard as it is for me to believe, I turned 50 years old this year.  What, how did THAT happen?!?!  My wonderful wife planned a very special surprise party for me.  She knows, just as most of my friends and family know, how passionate I am about my job and the test & measurement equipment that I support, use and play with.  With that in mind, she had some awesome desserts custom made for the party!



This picture shows my Tektronix RSA6114A birthday cake.  While smaller than the actual piece of equipment, it seemed like it almost weighed as much!  The attention to detail was incredible – from the perfect screen image and product label, to the hand-made and hand-painted buttons and knobs.  It even included the side handles and a power cord!


I asked two of my nieces to help me blow out the candles!


This is the last picture before we all shared this delicious piece of test equipment.

As if the RSA cake wasn’t enough, my brilliant wife had custom cookies made as party favors for everyone to take home with them.  Keeping with my T&M passion, the cookies were made to resemble a Fluke DMM!


As a final birthday wish – I hope that everyone reading is as lucky as I am to have a job doing what they are passionate about, and the love and support of family in friends in their lives.