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Tektronix Video Application Engineer Makes Writing Debut in NAB Engineering Handbook


The NAB Engineering Handbook is billed as “the definitive resource guide for broadcast engineers.” While some book publishers might be guilty of a little hyperbole, that’s clearly not the case here. The forthcoming 11th edition, now available for pre-order, is a hefty tome of over 2,100 pages and covers virtually every topic that broadcast engineers and technical managers need to understand.

For us at Tektronix, one thing that makes this edition special compared to the previous 10 editions is that our Karl Kuhn contributed an 18,000-word chapter entitled “Digital Video Standards and Practices.” In just six weeks, Karl, a senior video applications engineer, pulled together details on virtually every video standard out there from around the world and provided a handy summary of each, all complied in chapter 2.9. Remarkably, he still found time to do his day job.

At $220, the 11th edition isn’t cheap, but if you’re a broadcast or video engineer, it’s likely worth every cent. You might also be interested to know that the NAB will be selling it on their website and will be offering a pre-order discount at the NAB Show. Speaking of which, be sure to stop by the Tektronix booth #SU5006 and see those standards Karl writes about implemented in our video monitoring and analysis solutions. Hope to see you there.