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Tektronix Nabs LEAP Award for Keithley DMM6500, DAQ6510

The Keithley DMM6500 6½-digit Bench/System Digital Multimeter and DAQ6510 Data Acquisition and Logging Multimeter System drew plenty of attention when they were announced last April for their combination of enhanced usability and performance. Now they have earned further accolades by winning a 2018 Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program (LEAP) Award in the test and measurement category.

In their inaugural year, the LEAP Awards celebrate the most innovative and forward-thinking products across the mechanical and electronic engineering space. The LEAP Awards program is conducted by WTWH Media, LLC and encompasses three of the publisher’s flagship brands: Design World, Fluid Power World and EE World Online.

In selecting the DMM6500 and DAQ6510 as winners, the judges noted that the instruments provide “DMM, data acquisition, data logging and analysis in one compact unit, which is an essential tool for testing, quality control and failure analysis of any electrical circuit.”

Also in the running for a LEAP Awards was the new MSO 6 Series mixed signal oscilloscope, which was named one of four finalists in the competition.

The DMM6500 shown below combines the simplicity of a “pinch and zoom” touchscreen interface for easy and faster test setup and at-a-glance monitoring and display with the power of 15 different measurement functions, wide measurement ranges, multichannel measurements, and class-leading accuracy and sensitivity. The instruments feature a 5-in (12.7cm) touchscreen display.

The DMM6500’s 15 measurement functions include capacitance, digitizing voltage or current waveforms, and temperature from thermocouples, thermistors, and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). Waveforms and transients can be captured with the 1 Msample/s, 16-bit digitizer. It offers class-

The award-winning DMM6500 6½ digit touchscreen multimeter.

Based on the DMM6500, the DAQ6510 shown below is designed for such application areas as environmental test, failure analysis, and quality control where engineers need to quickly set up tests on a statistically significant sample of products. Built-in plotting functions allow users to display up to 20 different plots from 20 channels in one graph and easily drill down and then conduct further analysis using cursors and statistical functions. Setup, execution, monitoring, and analysis can be done on the instrument or with KickStart 2.0 PC software. To test larger numbers of devices, the DAQ6510 can be combined with 7700-series Plug-In Switch Modules to test as many as 80 devices in one test system. For more information, go to:

The award-winning DAQ6510 6½ digit data acquisition and logging multimeter system.