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TekTalk - The New Tektronix Community Forum. Solving Problems and Making Discoveries, Together

If there is one thing engineers at Tektronix and around the world have in common, it's their love of a problem or challenge that they can fix. The new TekTalk forum offers a place where engineers can talk about problems and find solutions together. We asked some of the Tektronix engineers who will be supporting the new TekTalk Forum what excited them most about the launch of this new online community.

For Alan Wolke, Senior Field Application Engineer and popular YouTube host, his engineering enthusiasm began when he worked in a TV repair shop while still in high school. This early electronic curiosity led to a career in engineering, an electronics lab in his basement, and a popular YouTube channel where he shares his passion with over 178,000 followers. Alan sees the new Tektronix TekTalk Community Forum as a more immediate avenue to share his passion and engage with other engineers to solve problems together.

Sunil Mahawar agreed. “We are engineers helping engineers and together we can do much better,” he said.

One of the things Jake Austin, an application engineer in the Tektronix support group, loves about his job is getting to work with customers and new technologies. He sees the forum as a place to interact with even more customers.

Cameron Lowe, an application engineer who supports universities, research facilities and automotive applications, can’t wait to get started moderating TekTalk. “We're going to be sharing new ideas on how to make interesting measurements,” he said. “We’ll also be offering up technical support.”

Liz Makley, Application Engineer who focuses on power, low level and sensitive equipment as well as automotive solutions, is excited at the opportunity the forum provides to work with customers and help them “get the most out of their equipment.”

So, if you’re looking for answers, have a challenging measurement or a question, make our new TekTalk Forum your first stop in getting to a fast answer.

Tektronix is constantly evolving new ways to help customers and we hope that this new forum will be a place where engineers can find quick answers and lasting community. 

Let us know what you think about the new forum. We’d love to hear your suggestions or fixes to make it even better. ([email protected])

Visit the TekTalk Community Forum today.