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Supporting STEM: How Tektronix Gives Back to Engineering Education


This past May, Tektronix donated $75,000 to various engineering programs at Oregon State University. The donation is earmarked to fund hands-on engineering projects for the University’s Creative Collaboratory, SAE vehicle teams and solar car challenge (all awesome projects!).

While this was an exciting way for Tektronix to give back to engineering education, it’s not the first time the company has made a donation (nor will it be the last!). In fact, Tektronix supports science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in a variety of ways. Here are just a select few:

Beaverton School District Annual Science Fair

Every year, Tektronix hosts the Beaverton School District science fair, providing volunteers to review projects created by kindergartner through high school-age students.

The Tektronix Education Support Program

Known as TESP, the Tektronix Education Support Program is a company initiative to foster community, regional and global interest in physics and electronics. TESP also manages ongoing donations to several universities across the country and in China.

Scholarships and Donations

From donating 22 oscilloscopes to Oregon area high schools, to providing thousands of dollars in scholarships that support promising engineering students, Tektronix consistently supports educational institutions with both cash and technology endowments.

In a recent interview with EE Times, Dr. Kevin Ilcisin, vice president and chief technology officer at Tektronix further explained his company’s commitment to assist with STEM education, and how it fits into the future of engineering. To read more about Tektronix’s commitment to STEM, and why the company makes it such a priority, check out the full article over at EE Times.

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