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The next-generation oscilloscope for basic signal evaluation is here

Over a decade ago the Tektronix TDS200 scope, with its winning combination of performance and affordability, took the world by storm and quickly became the industry standard in basic signal viewing. Its familiar look and feel is known to engineers, technicians, students and professors worldwide and has played an important role in developing and maintaining many of today’s technologies. Not only are there over 800,000 units around the globe based on the original TDS200 platform, but the scope also provided the basis for the highly successful TDS2000 and TBS1000B Series.

But times are changing. As electronics systems and designs are becoming faster, more capable and more complex, the industry expects more from their oscilloscopes. Just as technology evolves over time, so too must the instruments used to measure those technologies. With the introduction of the TBS2000 Series on August 2, 2016, Tektronix has significantly expanded the capabilities of the basic oscilloscope to keep pace with the demands and changing requirements of today’s users. 

Design engineers use general-purpose oscilloscopes to prototype, debug and validate designs of new products and for general troubleshooting. In education such oscilloscopes are used to give students hands-on experience in electronics engineering and prepare them for their careers. Another important segment is “makers” or hobbyists who, in many cases, are driving innovation and are starting to adopt increasingly sophisticated tools while looking to keep expenses low.


The “maker” movement is increasingly looking for more sophisticated test and measurement tools. Tektronix basic oscilloscopes such as the TBS1000 shown here have long been used for maker projects.

The TBS2000 Series next-generation basic oscilloscope is well-equipped to meet today’s requirements with a range of impressive capabilities for its class.

The new scope features the longest record length in its class at 20M points and has the industry’s biggest display – a 9-inch WVGA display with 15 horizontal divisions, allowing for 50 percent more signal viewing area. Users can seamlessly pan and zoom through long records with front-panel waveform navigation controls. And, for understanding the frequency content of signals, users can see time domain source waveforms displayed along with FFT frequency spectrums.


The Tektronix TBS2000 oscilloscope features a large signal viewing area and new front panel.

Users now also have the ability to easily and confidently analyze signals with on-waveform cursor readouts. Time and amplitude cursors can be placed on waveforms as shown below so they can be read just like a textbook. A dedicated front-panel knob makes it quick and easy to select and move cursors.


Measurements are placed on waveforms using cursors—just like a textbook.

The scope includes a comprehensive set of 32 automated measurements. It can display up to six measurements at a time or take a “snapshot” of all the measurements for a specific channel. In addition, users may choose from a single screen without the hassle of shifting through menus. The HelpEverywhere function provides on-screen descriptions of each measurement. A transparent measurement panel makes it possible to see the signal beneath.

Backed by a flexible range of probing solutions the TBS2000 can measure a much wider range of signals than other basic scopes, and it’s the first of its kind with the TekVPI interface. Additionally, the probes automatically communicate scale factors to the scope. Active probes are powered by the scope and don’t need an external power source.

With three interfaces to choose from, users can be assured of having the right interface for working with other instruments or sharing setups and test data with colleagues. Interfaces include two USB host ports for flash drives or Wi-Fi adapters, a USB device port for remote control via custom software, and an LXI compliant 100-BaseT Ethernet connection. The TBS2000 is also the first basic oscilloscope with Wi-Fi adapter support configurable from the front panel.

For education the TBS2000 Series builds on the success of the TBS1000-EDU oscilloscope with comprehensive features designed to make life easier for instructors and to prepare students for the challenges they will face in the real world.  

The scope has a built-in help feature so students can learn scope operation on the fly with helpful tips on challenging topics. A basic primer as shown below is integrated into the instrument to help new users come up to speed quickly.


An introduction to oscilloscopes handbook is integrated into the TBS2000.

For instructors, the TBS2000 is backed by a comprehensive set of resources such as tools for developing, sharing, and presenting lab materials on the scope.  It is fully compatible with TekSmartLab teaching assistant software for monitoring and managing large lab environments.

Available now from Tektronix distributors worldwide, the TBS2000 Series is backed by an industry best 5-year standard warranty. Prices start at $1,200. For more information, go to