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New eGuide Sheds Light on High Speed Serial Test


The performance of next generation digital interface standards like USB 3.1 and DDR4 memory is going one direction: faster and faster still. These standards – now heading toward 16 Gb/s in the case of PCI Express -- are pushing the limits of compliance and debug tools and pose a variety of Tx and Rx measurement and design challenges including:

  • Limited signal access due to smaller device geometries
  • Bus behavior to cope with new power-saving schemes
  • Validating new signal encoding and equalization capability in signaling interfaces

Tektronix provides automated measurement suites that speed up PHY validation cycles and ensure consistency for all the major serial standards. Tools like protocol decoding and visual trigger help you track down the root cause of problems when compliance measurements fail, or make it easy to Identify jitter and noise from such sources as crosstalk or other multi-lane noise coupling.

Critical information on the latest serial standards – and the unique design and test challenges each presents – is conveniently mapped out in the new Tektronix e-Guide to High Speed Interface Standards.  Download the eGuide today for an at-a-glance overview of what’s involved in testing PCIe 4.0, SAS, SuperSpeed USB, and DDR4 standards. You’ll also get handy references to more in depth information and technical support options that will help you overcome your most difficult test and debug challenges.